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Here LA's Conceptual Design projects span multiple scales, from the design of a one or ten-block streetscape to the design of a 30-acre park.  We also assist property owners with "loading studies" for private property - laying out blocks, street network, parcels, and buildings to see "what fits" on a particular site.

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Here LA's Strategic Planning covers pedestrian and bicycle planning, first-last mile strategies,  and other problem-solving.  We are often are given a problem - a neighborhood that isn't all it could be, a circulation network that isn't functioning, a transit station that no one uses - and we generate forward-thinking solutions.

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Many of our Conceptual Design and Strategic Planning projects use creative community engagement and pilot projects to test out strategies in-the-field, in real time - from temporary installations of street re-designs, to community festivals, communal art projects, and pop-ups.