Santa Monica Crosswalks

Client: City of Santa Monica      Location: Santa Monica, CA

The Santa Monica Crosswalks Creative Pilot Project is a precedent setter for the region, state, and nation. Amidst a national trend of caution regarding art in crosswalks, the City boldly pushed forward and introduced three pilot artful crosswalks designed by Here LA, in the heart of Downtown to put some of the ideas from the City's recent planning efforts into action. The project sets a precedent, not only because of this national context, but also because of the speed and process by which the project was completed. With cities increasingly interested in making tangible impacts immediately—as evidenced through the recent growth of tactical urbanism and pop-up projects—this project showcases how real results can be installed in-the-ground in a short amount of time, while using community input and high-quality design and materials.  Here LA's work for the project was written up in the NY Times, LA Times, and local media outlets.

  • 2017 American Planning Association (APA) Los Angeles Award of Excellence winner
  • 2017 Westside Urban Forum Award of Merit for Public Open Space