Terminal Island Freeway-to-park

Client: City of Long Beach       Location: Long Beach, CA

This project involved a vision plan for the conversion of 25+ acres of heavy freight freeway into a park in West Long Beach.  Taking its place among a small handful of other freeway-to-park conversions around the country, such as the Big Dig in Boston, the Terminal Island Freeway transition includes a large park with a pollution scrubbing green bugger to alleviate the effects of the industrial uses on local populations and a narrow locally-serving road, “shared” by people walking, cycling, skateboarding, and driving.  While at a previous firm, Here LA directors managed and oversaw the project, which also included an in-the-field ‘pop-up’ and community festival.  The festival shut down a street segment, and hosted local vendors and large interactive displays.  Project completed while at previous firm.